Zephinia the Mahjarrat sorceress is the main antagonist in Xaia's Journey Storyline. She is responsible for deaths of inhabitants of Great Kourend and The Arc and death of Lucien in Twisted and Shattered Time quest for his failed plan to kill V and Guthix. She may be friend-rival of The Dragonkin Queen. She is one of the three female Mahjarrat, like Palkeera and Enakhra.

Like any Mahjarrat, Zephinia was born on the First Age in Freneskae. She may be much, much older than any Mahjarrat.

During Twisted and Shattered Time quest as V and Guthix are killed for the second time at the hands of Zamorak and Vorago (one was with Sakirth and another one was Sliske for the first time) and Sliske ascending to godhood like Zamorak, she breaks the Queen of Eternal Chaos free, making her as the parasite to make her immortal; she is responsible for creating Chaorruption. Towards the end of Twisted and Shattered Time quest, the adventurer defeats her, however, she teleports away. She is as powerful as the god Sliske's, Bilrach's, Lucien's and/or the god Zamorak's.

She may have a secret love triangle between gods Sliske or Zamorak. However, she breaks them up due to personal conflict and yet she cannot be a god like them. It is implied that Sliske ascended to Godhood in Twisted and Shattered time like Zamorak's.

She is aligned with three factions of Zamorak, Zaros and Sliske. She has the most powerful control such as chronokinesis, over time, control over inanimate objects, but not the control over undead like Sliske's or Lucien's, and demons like Bilrach's


  • Zephinia's robe design is based off in FF8's Sorceress outfits, except with purple and pink colours. Her stripes here are pink and red, and skin is pink.