Start point Quest map icon Talk to Ejjar in White Wolf Mountain
Member requirement P2P icon
Official difficulty Experienced Experienced
Description None
Length Medium
  • Access to Warriors' Guild
  • 60 Defence-icon Defence
  • Ability to kill ten level 100+ Cyclopes
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Enemies to defeat
  • Rejarr (Level 105)
  • Mjnaar (Level 110)
  • Erajj (Level 100)
  • Munjaniba (Level 126)
  • Argoof (Level 118)
  • Ranathz (Level 100)
  • Goofinbarg (Level 130)
  • Shnerphz (Level 149)
  • Lopatty (Level 100)
  • Ejjar (Level 200)

Starting OutEdit

Head over to White Wolf Mountain east of Catherby or west of Taverley. Speak to Ejjar, and he will ask you to retrieve him a coil of rope, a potato with cheese, any hatchet and either a normal cake or a chocolate Cake. Give him the items and he will start telling you about the Dragon Defender.

You then will appear in the Cyclopes' Room in the Warriors' Guild. Ejjar will ask if you're ready to fight Cyclopes. If you already haven't done so, go downstairs and withdraw any food, armour and weapons you might need for a fight with 10 cyclopes. When you have gathered your items head back upstairs and talk to Ejjar. The fight will soon begin and you will be attacked by nine cyclopes. Pray Melee and attack the weakest Cyclopes (Level 100) first as they can hit through pray.

After you have killed all the cyclopes, Ejjar will appear and he will start attacking you. He is fairly easy to beat if you have 43 Prayer and pray melee. After you defeat Ejjar, you will appear then to the guild members in the storage room.

Congratulations, Quest complete!


  • 2 Quest Points
  • Access to killing Cyclopes for Dragon defenders
  • Two 50k experience lamps on any skill of your choice
  • Dragon dagger
  • 100k experience in Attack, Strength and Defence
  • Ability to kill Draconic dragons in Cyclopes' Maze