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A drawn representation of a female Valkyrie warrior.


The Valkyrie are characterized by having human features, and are therefore considered humanoids. They do, however, have a set of wings often twice their length which allow them to fly great distances, giving them great advantages in battle and otherwise, they are therefore a great addition to an army and are often given high ranking positions. The Valkyrie have a natural talent for warfare, be it magic or melee, and both are often used in battle, sometimes in combination to provide even greater firepower. Except for their battling skills, they are also a highly intellectual and knowledgable race. In the past, the Valkyrie were often called prophets by the less intelligent races, such as the humans, goblins, dwarves, etc.


There are documents proving the existence of Valkyrie sometime during the Second Age, although information regarding the start of their existence is rare. The Valkyrie currently reside in a secret location within the Arandar Mountains called Aelwyd. They migrated to Aelwyd sometime in the Third Age, after the God Wars, during which they went into exile for the sake of their species. It is for this reason that the Valkyries were more common than some other races, such as the Icyene, who are in many ways similar to the Valkyrie, and are likely to have originated from the same species.

Fremennik LoreEdit

The Fremenniks of the Northern Lands continually describe the Valkyrie in their stories. According to them, the Valkyrie are magical, angel-like beings that sent warriors to the God Realm. These stories are quite accurate, as the Valkyrie were known to be winged and posses magical powers, as well as being skilled with a variety of weaponry.


The Paragons are a special breed of Valkyrie captured by Fredrick Hemming and perfected using advanced sorcery. Paragons are therefore physically stronger than valkyrie, but lost most of their magical powers during the augmentation process.

Notable ValkyrieEdit