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Start point Quest map icon Talk to Emosworld in Falloutboy land.
Member requirement P2P icon
Official difficulty Experienced Experienced
Description Unlock the song Thnks Fr Th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy on your music browser as a hidden song.
Length Short
  • 70 Multicombat Combat
  • At least 10 Quest Points
  • The ability to defeat 7 level 23s with melee
  • The ability to wield a dragon weapon.
Items required Items from the toolbelt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • Good armour to aid you in the fight. Food is not necessary unless your Defence is under 55.
Enemies to defeat None


  1. Talk to Emosworld. He will ask you if you despise the anti-Fall Out Boy clan. Click Yes, I despise them.
  2. Emosworld will tell you to go to Taverley where the Herblore shop is. There will be an NPC called Pete Wentz. Talk to him. He is only visible to players who have started or completed the Thnks Fr Th Mmrs quest.
  3. Say to Pete that Emosworld sent you here.
  4. Pete will blabber on about the stupidity of the anti-Fall Out Boy clan.
  5. When it comes to a part where you have to select your choice, click "Boy, do I hate the Fall Out Boy clan!"
  6. Pete will ask you if you are an enthusiastic and powerful melee warrior. Click "Sure, I am one of the finest warriors Mother Earth can create!"
  7. Go back to Falloutboy land.
  8. If your weapons aren't up to scratch, but your money is plentiful, go to the Falloutboy land Weapon Shop owned by Thisaintascene Itsanarmsrace. It sells Dharok's Greataxes, all Dragon weapons (including ranged ones), all mithril, adamant and runite weapons, weapon poison, anti-poison, bronze daggers, brass knuckes (knuckledusters) and shourikens (ninja stars). This is not compulsory though.
  9. Go back to Emosworld. He has found the whereabouts of the anti-Fall Out Boy clan.
  10. There is no need to prepare to fight the sissy clan. They are guarded.
  11. The stupid sissy clan are hiding in the Jolly Boar Inn, protected by 3 Black knights, 1 traitor white knight, 1 traitor Guard of Varrock and some level 3 bots. Kill those knights/bots/guards. They should be eliminated easily.
  12. Knights, bots, no matter. The anti-Fall Out Boy clan must be found.
  13. As you were fighting the guards, the clan escaped to the Blue Moon Inn located in Varrock.
  14. Suit up, prepare for battle. The recommended armour is anything from Adamantite metal or up. Recommended weapons are rune or up. Dragon weapons are highly recommended, especially the Dragon two-handed sword because of its special attack.
  15. There will be a simple level 8 mercenary to murder. Kill it easy.
  16. This time, the sissy clan will have no time to run away. Lock the door first and destroy the clan one by one.


  • 3 quest points
  • 1 Attack-icon experience
  • 1 Statistics experience
  • 1 Strength-icon experience
  • 1 Prayer-icon experience
  • 1 Constitution-icon experience
  • Ability to play the song, Thnks Fr Th Mmrs on your users music icon.