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Start point Quest map icon Talk to Sir Ebal Assassin in the White Knights Castle.
Member requirement F2P icon
Official difficulty Master Master
Description Kill the Evil Chicken before he kills you.
Length Moderate
Items required Items from the toolbelt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
Enemies to defeat None

The BeginningEdit

Talk to Sir Ebal Assassin. He will tell you that an old buddy of his has news of a deadly force threatening Lumbridge and to deliver Elvarg's tooth to him. His buddy's name is Velgar and he is probably in the Jolly Boar Inn. He takes the tooth right off you and then ignores you. A stranger named Awtn12 comes along and tells you to get his attention you will need a Black night deathdifier and he will sell you one for 1000gp. You buy the drink and hand it to Velgar he then tells you to deliver the Notes of Ivel to Sir Ebal Assassin.

The WarningEdit

Awtn12 then appears outside the castle and tells you not to take the notes to Sir Ebal Assassin or a great evil will befall Gielinor. You tell the guards to throw him into the moat. You move towards Sir Ebal Assassin's room when suddenly Awtn12 appears again. He tells you of an evil plot to destroy Lumbridge and the water supply for Gielinor from the river Lum. You kick him out the window. He then yells you an ***** and a moderator mutes him (despite the fact he's a NPC).

Should've believed himEdit

When you talk to Sir Ebal Assassin he proposes a drink after you hand over the notes. The drink is White night deathdifier which knocks you out cold. You wake up to find the Evil Chicken and Elvarg approaching Lumbridge and you being the only one to defend it. Awtn12 appears and punches you straight in the chest. He then steals your rune platebody which you can't remember taking out of the bank and leaves you with a Sword of Tawn21. You then realize all the hidden codes Sir Ebal Assassin means Cerebal Assassin, Velgar is an anagram for Elvarg and Awtn12 was Tawn21 (WELL HOW OBVIOUS WAS THAT!). Tawn21 appears out of nowhere to give you the Chicken slaying armour and asks you to destroy the Evil Chicken, he'll take care of Elvarg. Then with a swift punch Tawn21 knocks Elvarg's head and it flies out of the Atmosphere. Tawn21 then fades away slowly.

The Evil Chicken FightsEdit

When you attack the Evil Chicken you should have a good inventory of food or potions, prayer will help but not a lot for it attacks with all styles of attack but gives hint towards which he will use between the 3, it is level 100 and the highest quest monster for Free-to-Play. After the fight he drops a rune platebody, and the Evil Chicken's halberd.

The EndingEdit

Tawn21 appears for one last time and combines all of his energy into a Power sphere, before slowly fading away into the afterlife.

Congratulations Quest Complete.


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