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Slayerdungeon of Prifddinas
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Kingdom Tirannwn
Members area Yes
Main music Unknown Edit
Levels 1
Strongest monster Crystal dragon and Barrows dragon
Dwarf multicannon Unknown Edit
Quests The Princess and the Warrior
Inhabitants/Race Dragons, elves, demons, elementals, undead
Grandmaster Dungeon
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The Slayerdungeon of Prifddinas is a high-level dungeon located underneath the city of Prifddinas. The dungeon also contains the highest level Slayer Master and the Slayer Grandmaster, Sarixs. In order to get tasks from him, you need a Slayer level of 90, and a combat level of 125. There are no requirements for entering the dungeon itself, but it is heavily adviced that anyone who enters the dungeon has higher combat level than 100, otherwise you are likely to die very quickly in the dungeon.

The dungeon is famous for the Crystal dragon and Rho'mox the Toxic.

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Dungeon RoomsEdit

Room 1 - Light of BirthEdit

This room contain the Altar of Seren. Wearing an item aligned with Seren will increase the Prayer points by ten per equipped item. All equipable crystal items, including the Crown and the Amulet of Seren, count as Serenist items.

Room 2 - Essence of the EarthEdit

Room 3 - Fire of FuryEdit

Room 4 - Hall of the Demons (multicombat)Edit

This room contains the portal to the Demon World. This is needed for the Burn in Hell! quest.

Room 5Edit

Room 5a - Voodoo Cult (multicombat)Edit

Room 5b - Glissa's Grave (multicombat)Edit

Required for the Princess and the Warrior.

Room 5c - Arcane FireEdit

This room is only accessable after the Princess and the Warrior.

Room 6 - Dark Room (multicombat)Edit

Room 7 - Magic BonesEdit

Room 8 - Symphonies of Metal and FireEdit

This room contains an anvil, allowing you to smith the bars dropped by metal dragons into bolts, darts or arrows.

Room 9 - Final Room (multicombat)Edit

This room is instanced for each individual player/clan.


  • The first room has many low level creatures, which makes this dungeon a practice place for low and high level combat players.
  • Room 8 is a great place to train smithing, combat and also slayer hand-in-hand. You can also make a nice profit as you can keep the bars.
  • Many players under level 100 have died in this dungeon, during the way to a specific monster which is deeper in the dungeon. The reason, they cannot survive the demons in the multicombat area in room 4. If they still manage to get through, they are most likely dead when they get attacked in room 5, which is multicombat too.

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