This article, Sir Eamos Woreld, is the creative property of Emosworld.

Sir Eamos Woreld is a fake NPC created by Emosworld. Eamos Woreld is a retired White Knight who lives in White Knights' Castle in the city of Falador in RuneScape. He is the main character in the quest More Smithing II.

Weapons & Armour WieldedEdit

Below is a list of what weapons and armour Sir Eamos Woreld has the ability to wield. His armour of choice is Full White and his weapon of choice is the Mithril scimitar. Sir Eamos Woreld is a melee only NPC and you can only purchase a Mithril scimitar from him.


Sir Eamos World has the ability to wield these weapons:

  1. Any type of metal weapon up to Mithril
  2. No weapon at all
  3. Dharok's greataxe
  4. Dragon dagger


Sir Eamos World has the ability to wear this type of armour:

  1. Full White
  2. Full Rune
  3. Full Mithril
  4. Full Dharok's
  5. Obsidian Cape
  6. Team Cape
  7. Cape
  8. Full Dragon
  9. Any ring/necklace/amulet