The Image of the Month is a special image, that is better than most others. After being chosen, it is put on the main page for all visitors to see for one month.

Rules Edit

  • Image must comply with the rules.
  • Voters must have at least 20 edits here.
  • Any number of supports, opposes and neutrals may be voted by a voter, though one vote per person per nominated image.
  • An editor may only nominate one image per month.
  • The author of the image must give prior consent for their image to be featured. In the event that the winning image has not been approved by the author and there is no runner-up, the unapproved image shall be featured anyway.
  • You may NOT nominate an image that you have constructed.

Archives Edit

2007 Edit

2008 Edit

2009 Edit

2010 Edit


  • Inactive Wiki.


  • Inactive Wiki.


  • Inactive Wiki.


  • Inactive Wiki.


  • Janurary - None
  • Feburary - None
  • March - None
  • April - None
  • May - None
  • June - None
  • August - None
  • September - None
  • October - None
  • November - We're still waiting for the most fantastically, beautifully, explosively, deliciously awesome images to come!

Nominees for NovemberEdit

Nominations for Next Month's Image of the Month are now open. Please use our new Image nomination template which also includes the voting template. Start a new Headline for each nomination.

Please put your name in Heading 3 and use the template Image Nomination.

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