The Article of the month is a special article, that is better than most others. After being chosen, it is put on the main page for all visitors to see for one month.

Rules Edit

  • Page nominated for being the article of the month must comply with the rules.
  • Voters must have at least 40 edits here.
  • You are NOT allowed to post you're own Article.
  • Any number of supports, opposes and neutrals may be voted by a voter, though only one vote per nominated article.
  • Voters can only nominate one article per month.
  • Nominations must be actual articles, not redirects, project pages, the main page, a userpage, a disambiguation, or a talk page. Role-plays have been disallowed after February 2nd, 2008.
  • Nominations must be finished articles, and not under construction.

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Nominees for August of 2015 Edit

Monstercrafting by Nabz010 Edit


Support: Thumb up 1
Neutral: 0
Oppose: 0

Hello there. I nominate Nabz010's skill Monstercrafting to be our featured article. It is an interesting idea with a great mechanic that I think could give players hours of enjoyment as they go for the skillcape. For which there is an article. In fact, every supporting piece of the Monstercrafting skill has an article, supported by images. This is rare on this wiki and gives the article a sense of authenticity. Go ahead, click any of the links. The pages are there and look like they came from the RuneScape Wiki. I think Monstercrafting should be recognized as one of the best fakes on the wiki because Nabz has taken a creative idea and put painstaking work into making it seem real.

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