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NOTE: All of this is a fake. Even the websites.

RuneScape DS is an unreleased version of RuneScape Classic and RuneScape 2 on the DS. It was rumoured. Nintendo confirmed that RuneScape DS would be released by the 13th of July 2006, but it was never released. A bonus game known as RuneScape Classic DS would have been included in the game for free for a limited time only. The cover art was never designed or released.


The RuneScape DS set (including the Classic) was leaked by a staff member of - which rated it 1/10 because there was no 0. This quickly spread around the internet and when Nintendo and Jagex saw this, they cancelled the DS plan immediately. HoaxGames complained that it had no proper add-on keyboard on the game - and when the game was played the add-on keyboard would not function properly. The BETA version had poor quality graphics. Here is what HoaxSpot said about the RuneScape DS Project.

RuneScape DS is by far, the worst DS game the world has ever seen. The lack of a proper keyboard makes it difficult for the player to log in, and even if they do manage, it will talk them far too long to hit the keys one-by-one and talk. The graphics are the worst I have ever seen, worse than that Star Wars: Obi-Wan game we reviewed a few years back. The audio and music sucked as usual - we expected this because we did not like the RuneScape music. Overall, we rate this game 1/10 because there was simply no such thing as a "0" on HoaxSpot. - General Manager of Game Testing, HoaxSpot.

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