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Rimmington Dungeon
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Kingdom Asgarnia
Members area No
Main music Unknown Edit
Levels 1
Strongest monster Black demon
Dwarf multicannon Unknown Edit
Quests No
Inhabitants/Race Demons, giants, spiders, undead
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Rimmington Dungenter

A picture showing where the dungeon entrance is.

Rimmington Dungeon is a dungeon underneath the town of Rimmington. It is available to both non-members and members. The part past the gate, however, is only available to members. The dungeon contains deadly red spiders, moss giants, level 45 skeletons, lesser demons, greater demons, fire giants and black demons. Many free players go here since it's the only non-members non-wilderness section to contain greater demons. The entrance is located in the south-westernmost area of Rimmington Coast, near the willow trees, but there is possible of digging through the ground at Rimmington mining site.

Dungeon guideEdit

Non-members' sectionEdit

From the start, players head southeast to find a bunch of deadly red spiders and a lot of red spiders' eggs spawns. After this part you can find moss giants. Past the moss giants are level 45 skeletons and a few more moss giants. After the skeletons and moss giants the real dungeon begins. Here you can find several lesser demons. At the end of the non-members section lie three greater demons, the only non-wilderness greater demons that can be fought by free players. If you are a member you can go through the gate. This begins the members section of the dungeon.

Members' sectionEdit

After going through the gate, players are greeted by a few fire giants and greater demons. Players walk through the rest of the dungeon which mainly contains fire giants and greater demons. At the end of the dungeon, there are three black demons waiting to fight the players that come toward them.

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