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Union of the Rebel Paladins
Also called? Rebel Paladins, Rebels, Independents
Members only? No.
Size 100 members.
Location Unknown
Requirements Nothing, everything is given when you join.
Insignia A huge pendant with the Crest above.

This is a clan formed by Paladar, it constitutes an independent force.

They aren't very organized, they aren't such a big army, so they all fight at the time, Paladar is the only one that gives instructions to the others.

They, however, have a battle formation:

Rear - Javelin Throwers
Middle - Crossbows
2nd Front - Spears (Paladar fights in this line)
1st Front - Longswords and Shields

They make a trip to Falador every month, to help with the defense and political issues, Paladar wears the Attack skillcape and is part of the King's Order