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Port Walley is a town in the Kingdom of Doyshavak, along the Draconic Coast, and is the ultimate fishing spot in RuneScape. This place is extremely popular for level 70+ fishers because of the fairly large supply of fish the port has for them. This includes Catfish, Sharks, Hammerhead sharks, Dragonfish, Whales and Killer whales. These fish can be sold for an extremely high price. It also has a weapons store, which sells longswords and scimitars of rune and dragon, and dragon daggers. It also has an armour shop which sells rune platebodies, dragon helmets, rune platelegs, rune kiteshields, and rune full helmets. It has a fishing shop which sells big fishing nets for catching the catfish and dragonfish here, harpoons for catching all of the other fish exclusive to here and the sharks found here, and all raw and cooked fish from catfish to killer whales, excluding sea turtles and manta rays.
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Draconic Coast
Desert Island Port Walley Carmadon
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