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Luzaar was a Mahjarrat mage who came to Gielinor from Freneskae.

Luzaar is the most powerful mortal magician and the second most powerful mortal known, behind only Zamorak before becoming a god. Among magic, Luzaar was adept to necromancy and, like others of his race, is able to cast any form of magic without the need of rune stones. Beyond his awesome powers, Luzaar is just as deadly in both unarmed, melee, and range combat beyond the might, speed, and accuracy of any human beings. He has been known to punch through solid walls, shrug off the most powerful attacks as if nothing has happened, taking the full fury of dragonfire unharmed, shoot bows and crossbows while looking the other way, hold even the largest weapons one handed and attack using it with blinding speed, and stop incoming projectiles and blades with two fingers with relative ease. However, his magic was what made him most deadly as he can wipe out an entire army or fort in one shot.

History Edit

Unlike the other Mahjarrat, Luzaar did not serve Zaros nor Icthlarin. When most of the Mahjarrat turned to Zaros, Luzaar came to Gielinor and started a rebellion when Zaros forced him into service. When Zamorak turned against Zaros, Luzaar supported Zamorak by raising a large number of zombies of all species to wreck having to Zaros’ armies and loyalist.

Having turned against Zaros, Luzaar’s soul was cursed to roam the world for all eternity. However, because of his mastery of necromancy, Luzaar countered the curse by making his body animate like he would do to his zombies and, using some form of dark magic, kept his body intact despite the fact that it should have rotten to ashes.

When Zamorak declared the God Wars, Luzaar sided with Zamorak until in the last moments of the age when he revealed his true allegiance – the ancient god of destruction Ragar. Luzaar, along with the race of Dragonoids, resurrected Ragar, who later devastated an area now known as the Wilderness. However, when El intervened and put down Ragar back to the void, Luzaar fled north to an unknown land beyond the sea and was not heard off again.