Most fan fictions shall always stay fictional. However, Level 4 Treasure Trails has actually come true in RuneScape!
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The Level 4 Treasure Trails is another type of treasure trail. It usually involves going into places deep in the Wilderness. Like all other Treasure Trails, it is available to members-only. This version of Treasure Trails has the smallest amount of rewards, though, the ability to play the song, Walking Disaster and the Black dragonhide body (g) are the hardest rewards to achieve.


  1. Black dragonhide body (g)
  2. Black dragonhide body (t)
  3. Dragon helm (g)
  4. Dragon helm (t)
  5. Dragon platelegs (g)
  6. Dragon platelegs (t)
  7. Rune helm (g)
  8. Saradomin dragon chainbody (g)
  9. Saradomin gilded platebody (g) - Discontinued
  10. Magic cavalier
  11. Coins (1 to 2 million)
  12. TokKul (100,000 to 200,000)
  13. Amulet of fury (t)
  14. Black party hat
  15. Lucky ring
  16. Third-Age Warrior set (g)
  17. Third-Age Ranged set (g)
  18. Third-age Mage set (g)
  19. Any godsword

Level 4 Treasure Trails
Walking Disaster (song) | Black dragonhide body (g) | Black dragonhide body (t) | Dragon helm (g) | Dragon helm (t) | Dragon platelegs (t) | Dragon platelegs (g) | Rune helm (g) | Saradomin dragon chainbody (g) | Saradomin gilded platebody (g) | Magic cavalier | Nothing