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The Lava Clan is a team of evil "monsters", considered like that because they were created or transformed from normal humans or creatures, they habit Future RuneScape. They change their members after the quest Lava's Return, and they become a good group of warriors. They don't fight for RuneScape, but for vengeance to the people that hated them.

After the QuestEdit

Please note that the members that appear deceased are killed during the quest, also that some of the names aren't known because they aren't mentioned (although the leader doesn't really have a name), changed for the nicknames shown instead.

  • Perfect-Kind #2 (Unnamed) - Leader
  • Nikolai Borvikovski - Leader's right hand
  • Pixie Guy (Unknown Name) - Subordinate (deceased)
  • "Bear Paw" - Subordinate (deceased)
  • Nash The Fire Dragon - Subordinate (deceased)
  • Gray Boy (Unknown name) - Subordinate (in jail)
  • Clark Times - Unranked (new member)
  • Sander Desert - Spy (new member)
  • Bud Hëadbahnd - Unranked (new member)
  • Ukur King (Unknown Name) - Nikolai's Colleague (new member)

The Hobbies Edit

The first team, formed by the first five, had different hobbies, like the Pixie Guy, who liked to kill animals, Bear Paw, liked to kill people, Nash liked to burn forests, all of them killed, although The Leader, who liked Hot Food, Nikolai, who liked playing table games, and the Gray Boy, who protected kids, didn't die, this resembles that the bad people always lose.