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Lance London
Lance for SSBRSFF
Race Unknown edit
Members NPC? No
Quest NPC? A Hand to the Future
Location Lumbridge Castle
Sells items? No
Gender Unknown edit
Examine His Majesty!
Notable features Future King of RuneScape, the strongest human in RuneScape

King Lance is a 17 years old king in Future RuneScape (Year 2006), he wears the almost indestructible King's armour and the Strength Skillcape, and wields the powerful King's sword. He can help you in some quests, and is the central character in the quest A Hand to the Future in which you control him. He is really powerful, as he uses melee attacks with his sword, and magic with his Atomic Impact. Lance, along with other Skillcape wearers form the King's Order, are a group of veterans in combat that help defend RuneScape and the King himself.


Lance as he looks in RuneScape.

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