Most fan fictions shall always stay fictional. However, Guthix (NPC) has actually come true in RuneScape!
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Race God
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? Yes
Location Guthix's Island
Sells items? No
Gender Unknown edit
Examine The long lived god on RuneScape from the start
Notable features The only god to appear on Runescape.

Guthix is a god in RuneScape.

History Edit

During 2011, November 18th, Guthix appeared a bit away from The Guthix's Stone game. If you entered a shack near the mini game, you will be in a dungeon filled with level 67 Guthix warriors. They are NOT aggressive! Once you walk though it and go up the ladder, you will be on a island where Guthix is. He is behind a row a trees that cannot be entered. Once you cut it, a message will appear in your Chat box saying "The trees are growing back instantly! You feel no Experience..." Which doesn't give Woodcutting EXP. No one knows why he is here. Later Guthix decided to kill himself for the players. Guthix is dead now.


  • It has been rumored that if you click Random while using NPC contacter Guthix can show up. His chat head seems to be like a Grim Reaper's hood, just only green coloured. You can't what's inside the hood. A dialog starts:
  • Guthix:...
  • Player:Ummm... Hello?
  • Guthix:...
  • Player:Who is this?
  • Guthix:...
  • Player:Hello?!
  • Guthix:... It ends there.

This is only possible if you have a Guthix item on.

  • If you search a box on the island, you will find a note saying: "Saradomin, my brother, I do not wish to become part of these wars, I will be staying somewhere off in RuneScape or away, you may know where I am, but please do not disturb me." *If you log out than back in on the island it will say "Welcome to ScapeRune." Meaning the island is on ScapeRune. Players reported this on the forums, but a Jagex mod said that "Maybe it is ScapeRune. If you search a small box, you should find out more. But remember there's only one of the notes."
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