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Future RuneScape is a place exactly equal to RuneScape, but with different quests, monsters, armor and NPCs.

To access it in-game, you must complete the quest A Hand to the Future, this quest introduces the main NPCs found in the Future version of the world.


The conception of RuneScape as an individual world is scrapped when an explorer boat arrives from England, this encounter from the tripulation of Andrew, a young sergeant of the British Association of Medieval Preservation (BAMP), marks the difference from the actual RuneScape and the Future one, this occurs after the second God Wars, and in a time where few people are still alive.

Andrew, the leader of the expedition, forges an alliance with the inhabitants, he helps them reconstruct the cities and create again forces to defend the cities, he created a project with his comrades called the "King's Order", but it was scrapped out, he was elected King by the people, he designed the flag for the new established Republic of RuneScape, the Dwarves designed him a weapon and an armour, weapons that were later blessed by Guthix.

The BAMP, however, wanted Andrew to give them the island, when he rejected the offer, they declared war on him, telling to the newspapers that he was a traitor and trying to give bad image of RuneScape, the Government of England classified this affirmations as blasphemy and ordered the closure of the BAMP.

The BAMP leader managed to change the situation by apparently closing the HQ of the association, but what they actually did was moving to another location in Scotland, even nearer the coasts of RuneScape, with this, they started launching unsuccessful attacks at the island, and they then stopped their attacks and started training their troops.

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