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(This page has been protected by Howiter1) This is my perception of the quest Elemental Workshop, which has tremendous potential to be given one quest for each rune. Of course, the armor in the actual Elemental Workshop III better be good, as Mind and Elemental aren't as good and you cannot wear them all at the same time (as they are both shields and helmets).

Quest Requirements:

  • Skills: level 40 Crafting, level 40 Magic, level 40 Smithing.
  • Release date: April 17
  • Difficulty: Impossible.
  • Quest: Elemental Workshop 2


Go to the elemental workshop, where a seer will be. You will speak to him and he will be surprised that you are there, but you reassure him, and tell him that you have been here before. He calms down, then tells you about mind shields and helms, which you tell him you have already made. The seer then produces a key that you have never seen before. He tells you he thinks it's a key to a door in the elemental workshop.

The Room and the Library

You walk downstairs, past the mind door room, and use the key on the door. The key sinks into the door, and opens. The seer appears at the bottom of the stairs and tell you about a book he has found in the library in seer's village. Then he runs inside the body door room to looks around. You go to the library and find the book, called "Mind, body, soul" and take it to the body room. Inside the room there is a broken magic anvil, which the seer asks you to fix. You have to use a bodythe anvil to fix it. Next to the anvil is a Lake of the Body.

Creating the armour

For this bit you need 2 elemental bars, a hammer and "Mind, body, soul". Run down to the Body room and use the elemental metal on the lake of the body. This will create Body metal. Use the body metal on the magic anvil, and using the instructions in the book, you can create "Body platebody" or "Body platelegs" . after creating both, talk to the seer.

Quest Complete


  • 2,000 Magic-icon experience
  • 2,000 Crafting-icon experience
  • 2,000 Smithing-icon experience
  • Ability to use the Magic anvil and the lake of body to make body platelegs and platebodies.
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