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Edah is the sorceress and serving as the priestess guardian in El's service. Edah has wrinkless appearance and an unnatural youth but her pale appearance, hishing voice, will behold her as a woman dead for a thousand years but without even the slightest sign of decay.

History Edit

Edah was originally a human who lived during the second age of Gielinor, during the God Wars. Edah was in her late teens when the God Wars ended but her entire family and tribe were killed during the wars. Having nothing to lose and bearing hatred towards the gods, especially Raugar and his allies, El gave her a choice - to live alone and die as a mortal or to live a long life as a mortal watcher in Gielinor over the gods until Gielinor's end. Edah chose to be a watcher and El gave in to her decision, giving her great powers before leaving.

Presently Edah lives a temple in a hidden dungeon in the north of the Wilderness.