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Dragon pickaxe
Dragon Pickaxe
Members Yes
Quest item No
Tradeable Yes
Lendable? No
Equipable Yes
Stackable No
High alch 210,000 coins
Low alch 160,000 coins
Destroy Drop
On death Unknown edit
Store price 160,000 coins
Exchange price 2,800,500-3,000,000 coins
Examine A very powerful pickaxe.
Weight 4 kg

The dragon pickaxe is one of the strongest pickaxes in its class and is only available to Members. As with all axes, it is both a weapon, requiring 60 Attack to wield, and a mining tool, requiring 61 Mining to use. While typical pickaxes have a metal handle that goes through the pick head, this pickaxe's handle is made from pure dragon tooth, which is stronger than any metal. If broken, it can be repaired at Bob's Brilliant Axes in Lumbridge for 1,800 coins. As with all Dragon equipment, this item cannot be made using the Smithing skill. The Dragon Pickaxe is more efficient than the rune pickaxe at mining rocks; it is about 15% faster than a rune pickaxe. Like other dragon weapons, the pickaxe has a special attack called "Split." When used on an opponent, it lowers their defense by 15% and stuns them for as long as how much the special attack took, which takes 100% of the special bar. The Dragon Pickaxe can only be obtained as a rare drop from a Dragonite dragon .

Combat Stats
Skill requirements
Unknown edit
Class Slot
Unknown edit ? edit
Weapons Main Off
Damage - -
Accuracy - -
Style -
Defence-icon Armour rating0
Constitution-icon Life bonus0
Prayer-icon Prayer bonus0
Style bonuses
Strength-icon0 Ranged-icon0 Magic-icon0

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