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Crate Creature
Crate Creature 1
Race Crate Creatures
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? Yes
Location Wherever there are crates in the quest, Crate Archipelago
Sells items? No
Gender Unknown edit
Examine A crately expanded ego
Notable features A very creepy face and a weird dress sense.

Crate Creatures are medium-sized creatures that love small places - for instance, crates. They are not very aggressive unless provoked, but unfortunately their unsettling appearance causes more harm than good. They range from levels 23 to 41.

Background Edit

Crate Creature 2

A fully revealed Crate Creature

The Crate Creatures are the primary antagonists in the Quest Big Nasty Self Storage Company. Although they stand about neck height to a human, they have a massive ego, and view themselves very important. This is fuelled from their origins, where they ruled over a large archipelago, from which they received many tributes. These tributes were in boxes and crates, which gradually became more and more elaborate as the Crate Creatures fell in love with them. Eventually, they began to appreciate the crates as their homes, and in time became extremely protective of any kind of box, it's contents, and the number of boxes they owned.

The present Edit

Recently, they some managed to capture a boat and sail to Karamja. They proceeded to Musa Point, where they infiltrated several crates and were accidentally shipped to the mainland. After reporting back, they brought the a lot more of their kind to Gielinor, becoming an infestation of epic proportions where boxes were many. Distressed authorities in Karamja are calling for an adventurer to help flush out the Crate Creatures.

Home Edit


The Crate Archipelago

The Crate Creatures live on the Great Archipelago, since renamed the Crate Archipelago. It is comprised of several islands around a volcano, and is very forested. It used to be an atoll, but was blasted apart by a catastrophic eruption in the third age. Since then, the Crate Creatures have made the islands a fairly nice place, if you overlook the fact that boxes are everywhere - literally. The only place where you can escape the boxes is in one of the many forests in the center of the islands.

Society Edit

As said, the Crate Creature society revolves entirely around boxes. All their buildings are box-shaped. They even live in the boxes. As such, warehouses are extremely common in the more built-up areas, so thank heavens there are very few urban areas.

When a Crate Creature has broken a box, they take a ferry to the central volcano, where they climb up the sides and drop the box into the crater. In the crater is a huge landfill that contains almost solely burning boxes. In fact, there are so many boxes the fire is self-sustaining, and as more boxes are added every day, the fire can last longer and longer.

The Crate Creatures worship the Boxlord, their king and demigod. As supreme ruler, he has millions of boxes, so many in fact that his home is a gigantic pile of boxes, crates and chests, piled in such a way that it creates a "palace" over a mile wide and riddled with passageways, corridors and rooms.

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