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The Book of balance spells is the commonly called "Balance Book" used by the Guthix followers, notably the Guthixian Hunters, the contents of this book vary from different rites and blessings, to spells used in combat, herblore and other needs.

Spell listingEdit

This list includes spells castable by the book holder, some of them require positioning the book in a different way, they don't need runes to be casted, the user only needs to open the book in the page where the spell is written, and follow the instructions.

Poison Spear Edit

Book description: Shoot a lance of poison that can pierce armour.
Uses: Poisoning, Piercing.
Casting instructions:"Open the book in the spell's page, put your hand over it, mentally say the spell's name"

Claws of Guthix Edit

Book description: Guthix's hand comes out of this drawing and lets you control it with your thoughts.
Uses: Grabbing, Holding, Strangling, and many others.
Casting instructions:"Open the book in the spell's page, hold it in a way that the book's cover faces you and the drawing faces your objective, mentally say the spell's name, control with the mind"

Gas Cloud Edit

Book description: A cloud of poison gas comes out of a piece of this page, Guthix gets assured you don't get poisoned.
Uses: Poisoning, Screening.
Casting instructions:"Open the book in the spell's page, break a piece of it, throw it, either escape or entrer the coud to finish off your opponent".

  • NOTES: The page will regenerate itself, the spell doesn't affects Guthixians.
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