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Official DescriptionEdit

Start point Quest map icon Speak to King Lance or his brother Treo, in Lumbridge Castle, in Future RuneScape.
Member requirement F2P icon
Official difficulty Intermediate Intermediate
Description Nothing gives you more rest than good music, and when a good song is lost, it must be found at once!
Length Medium - Long
Items required Items from the toolbelt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • Teleport runes for shortening walk.
Enemies to defeat None

Starting UpEdit

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Speak to any of the London brothers, depending of which one you talk to, you must get a determined piece of music:
Lance - Ode to Joy
Treo - The Flight of The Bumblebee

Finding themEdit

They will tell you who could have the piece of music they need, each one will give you a list, people are located in the following cities:

Al Kharid: Lance - Prince Ali
Treo - Osman

Falador: Lance - Any of the King's Order, located in the White Knight's Castle
Treo - Sir Vyvin

Draynor: Lance - Diango
Treo - Wise Old man

Varrock: Lance - Museum's Information Clerk
Treo - Aubury

Please note that the person which you will find the piece is random, so you must go to all cities and talk to everyone in the list; when you finish with one of the lists (this means, when you find the piece of music) you must continue with the other.


As a special gift, you decide to mix both songs in one, so you must again go back to Falador to find a group of musicians, you will find that only a Rock band is available, so you must give them the music pieces and they will produce the song, they will then give you the finished song in a CD, which you must give to Treo (because he has a Cd Player). Congratulations, Quest complete.


  • 3 Quest points
  • 5,000 coins
  • A Last Illusion (RuneScape Version) Song for your Music Player